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A great paint job is determined not only by how good it looks, but also by how long it lasts. That’s why we take our time to carefully prep an area before any primer or paint goes on. This is particularly true in our harsh coastal weather conditions. Depending on whether it’s an interior or exterior project, our steps include some of the following:

Protect floors, furniture, personal items and plants
Remove loose paint
Sand rough surfaces (walls and woodwork)
Prime bare wood using appropriate (interior or exterior) primers
Repair damaged sheetrock and plaster
Powerwash to remove dirt and mildew when needed
Fill cracks in stucco with elastic material, epoxy holes and apply caulking
Reglaze windows as needed
Prime surfaces to be painted using appropriate type of primer (i.e., plaster, sheetrock, stucco, wood, metal)
Paint with two high-quality finish coats
Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with other trades which may be required in conjunction during paint work. We have included names and contact information for several firms on the Links page.

And the final step is to clean up and leave your property spotless!

Interior Painting
· Walls, ceilings, doors
& windows
· Cabinets
· Paneling and moldings

Exterior Painting
· Stucco
· Wood
· Doors & windows
· Woodwork
· Decks

· Repair of cracks
· Taping & mudding

· Staining & refinishing
· Cabinetry
Metal Finishes
· Wrought iron
· Security gates & bars
· Fences & gates
Other Services
· Light Carpentry